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Direct Linen Supply

table linens and napery

We have a large selection of direct linen supplies that are perfect for any size and style of property. Our wide range of linens offers you just right choices to meet the needs of your budget and the experience for your guests!

in Room Amenities

How Do You Buy?

Make your guests' stay more comfortable by offering amenities including coffee fractional packs, coffee filters, toasters, irons, and more! All these guest room supplies are in case quantites at discounted wholesale prices. Choose from Hair Dryers, Pedestal Mirrors, Scales and other bath amenity items for a luxurious stay at your property.

Visit our online store and buy linens direct at wholesale prices 24/7. Direct Linen Supply wil ship anywhere in the continental US. From your home to business, we offer the largest supply of wholesale linens direct from the manufacturer! Our online store has 100's of collections of sheets and towels from all price ranges including up-scale boutique hotels to budget motels, we have got your covered!